SAUDIProduct Safety Programme

What you need to know to Export to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Product Safety Programme (also referred to as SALEEM) is facilitated by SASO which has issued Technical Regulations for certain critical products based on their nature, application, safety and performance aspects. The purpose of these Technical Regulations is to identify the products with similar characteristics and to list all the requirements applicable for these products under one regulation with the objective of safeguarding consumers from non-conforming or hazardous products and at the same time establishing that the products are in compliance with the regulatory requirements and the Islamic Sharia. Products within the scope of these Technical Regulations are termed as Regulated Products. The Technical Regulations include legal clauses that empower the Regulatory Bodies and Market Surveillance Authorities to continuously assess the Regulated Products and if found non-compliant initiate penalties, fines, etc. on those Suppliers who have placed these products in the KSA marketplace. The Technical Regulations issued by SASO include various product certification schemes in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17067 standard.

The Saudi Product Safety Programme includes a two-stage certification process namely Product Certification and Shipment Certification of Regulated Products exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To facilitate this certification process, SASO has approved Certification Bodies (CBs) such as Intertek for the various geographical regions (Asia and Australia, Europe, North and South America and Middle East and North Africa (MENA)) to issue the Product Certificate of Conformity (Product CoC) and Shipment Certificate of Conformity (Shipment CoC) for Regulated Products.

In January 2019, SABER Platform was launched to support the Saudi Product Safety Programme for certain Technical Regulations and has been progressively updated to cover all Technical Regulations in a phased manner. Schedule of Enforcements of Technical Regulations on SABER.

SABER Platform can be accessed using the below link:


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